“Green Building in Louisville Really Is Green, Now LEED Platinum”

By Lloyd Alter


One post on TreeHugger says The Greenest Brick is the One That’s Already in the Wall; another that LEED stands for “Lunatic Environmentalists Enthusiastically Demolishing”. But now we are beginning to see the best of both worlds, with very green renovations and restorations, like the eponymously named Green Building in Louisville, Kentucky; it has just been certified LEED Platinum.

It’s the first LEED Platinum project in Louisville and the first LEED-certified adaptive reuse project in the entire state. But it is also part of a larger context… READ MORE

Author: podnewsandmedia

At pod a+d, we believe in the integration of architecture and all aspects of design to connect buildings + environment + identity. That's why pod a+d is a hybrid firm, offering all architectural services, experiential graphics and wayfinding design. Exterior and interior architecture; furnishings and finishes; financial feasibility and scheduling; engineering and construction; and environmental graphics  – considered simultaneously, these disciplines inform our hybrid/integrated approach to architecture. 

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